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Vermona / MV3 / 1967 / Metal / Amp For Sale

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Vermona Mv3 1967 Metal
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MV 3 amplifier with loudspeaker bass-reflex type 2 VA was designed by Design Institute of Musical Instruments and Technical University of Dresden. MV3 were manufactured between 1967 and 1968 by Weltklang, from 1969 to 1970 in the workshop of instrumental electronics plant in the city of accordions Klingenthal. MV3 made by Weltklang had white faceplate made from 4mm plastic. MV3 made in the workshop of instrumental electronics city Klingenthal manned black faceplates of thin aluminum.

This Black-faced MV-3 features two separate inputs for two separate channels , the first channel is slightly mellower than the second as most tube amps from the era, it is very dynamic and responsive when using it for guitar or bass both channels feature the same volume/bass/treble controlsthough the second channel runs hotter. this is a great example of some of the first portable amps made, the back and sides are made out of dotted steel which has vents all around, plus this comes with the original carry case which is also very reminiscent of G.D.R. (east Germany) at the time.



    -Power Output: 12 watts per channel into 6 ohms.

    -Playable Frequency range: 20 G-25 kHz, ± 3dB

    -2 independent inputs, built on individual lamps.

    -1 input: Pentode EF86, 100K input impedance, sensitivity - 100mv.

    -2 input : triode ECC83, input impedance of 1 mW, sensitivity - 30mv.

    -2 lamp output stage EL84, automatic bias, bass ECC83.

    -Way 2x tone controls for each channel, passive tembroblok.

    -Level signal / noise - minus 54 db


    -Amplifier Weight - 4.5 kg.


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