At, we have been searching the net for other great vintage instrument sites that you could find useful.

Here are some of our online friends in the world of vintage and custom-built instruments:

- Chatmusic is a resource group, established by and for working musicians and industry professionals, that encourages the business and creation of music in Chicago.



Cowtown Music

- Online source for local musicians in Central Ohio. Live music by local bands and where they are playing. Visit



Electric Blues Club



Guitar Websites



Islands Music



Live Music Capitol

- The highest quality of underground independent media content with cutting edge style and a classic chic design. Visit Live Music Capitol.

- Since 1998, Your Internet Portal for Blues and Indie Music Links, Musician’s Resources, Band Links, Club & Festival Listings, CD Reviews and Music Gifts.



Musicians Gallery

- Profiles of musicians and related services worldwide. Visit  Musicians Gallery.




- NorCal is a website devoted to providing bassists with links, product reviews, clinics and lessons.



Pyromarsch Rockmusic

- Pyromarsch rockmusic page with concert, cd , dvd, homepage reviews featuring music fair Frankfurt and Burg Herzberg Festival. Visit Pyromarsch Rockmusic.



Recorder Homepage

- A website with links to articles, lists, catalogues and databases concerning all aspects of the recorder worldwide. An ideal springboard for players, students, teachers, makers and researchers alike. Visit Recorder Homepage.




- Your forum for all things Status-Graphite



The Strat Monger

- The Strat Monger features links to manufacturers of electric guitars, amps and effects with an emphasis on do-it-yourself amp and effect construction.  The site includes a number of original tube-based amplifier and effect designs. Visit The Strat Monger.



TSP Guitar



Vintage Fender Jazz

- For a great overview of vintage fenders on the internet, go to Vintage Fender Jazz. - Sell instruments online!

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