At, we have been searching the net for other great vintage instrument sites that you could find useful.

Here are some of our online friends in the world of vintage and custom-built instruments:

Arne’s Ibanez
– I am a collector of vintage Ibanez guitars, my specialty is Ibanez Ibanez artwood twins and custom agents. It all started when I bought my first Ibanez guitar in 1975. Has recently focused on expanding my collection to include Ibanez Artist series, especially AR series. I have from time to time, always some guitars and parts for sale.
– A german-language website with all you need to know about 4-string banjos. Visit
– Electric Basses, Bass Guitars, EUB’s & More Basses – Terri’s is the “Place for Bass” and one of the Internet’s premier websites for everything to do with basses and playing bass.  We have information, resources, links and photos to over 850 brands of basses.  Whether you are looking for new or vintage, mainstream or boutique, student or professional gear, you’ll find it here.  We also have links to dozens of forums and other bass resource websites and we can also help you find a place to purchase the bass guitar of your dreams.


Beefy Basses
– The beefiest vintage Basses you can find on the net.


Call & Play


Cooper’s Vintage Drums
– A website that specializes in fine vintage drums from ‘the golden age’ of drum-making (1923-1970). With their free ‘Guide to Vintage Drums’ they also offer a detailed look at the various components of vintage drums throughout the years, featuring many photographs and colorful vintage drum catalog images. Visit Cooper’s Vintage Drums.
– An online community for bass players


– Boetzkes mandolinshop – Specialized in new, vintage and used mandolins.


– Czechoslovak history electric guitar


Lefty Bass
– Arni´s Lefthand Bassplayer Community


Mando Island
– Web site about the mandolin, guitar and other plucked instruments, including great selection of free downloads for old mandolin methods and sheet music for mandolin, guitar or mandolin orchestra; huge link collection for the best free sheet music resources.


Ratliff Mandolins
– Started in 1982, in response to the lack of left-handed F-style mandolins on the market, Ratliff Mandolins has grown to be one of the most well respected luthier shops in the world.   They make all members of the mandolin family (left and right hand models), as well as a wide variety of custom instruments, such as guitars and banjos. At Ratliff Mandolins, they hand-craft instruments of beauty in the time-honored tradition of the South, choosing only the finest materials and building each instrument to the highest standards. Each instrument is built entirely by master luthier Audey Ratliff. Visit Ratliff Mandolins.


Rockbeare Guitars
– Rockbeare Guitars features a UK-based collection of guitars and associated kit accumulated over my 30-odd years of as a working guitarist.   Some vintage, some classic, some more recent, all excellent.   Also a few rants / words of wisdom. Visit Rockbeare Guitars.


Vintage Hawaiian steel guitar on Grass Skirt Records – Sell instruments online!

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