Misty Cave Analog Resonance Echo Lastgasp Art Laboratories V&R Demo

V&R demoing the Misty Cave Analog Resonance Echo from Lastgasp Art Laboratories. We found this pedal to be a very unique creation and have used it in various pedal setups. Please see the full demo below.

The “MISTY CAVE – analog resonance echo” (MC) is an effect pedal which creates a kind of reverb/echo.

Characterized by a sound of a space that is resonant to the pitches of the input signal.

It makes the sound of delay style oscillating feedback which decays naturally. This increases the playability of your instrument over other delay pedals. You can control which note oscillates using the D.TIME control.

There is the “CV PEDAL” jack to control the “D.TIME” with the expression pedal.

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