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Video blog: Caparison Guitars

Guitar show Frankfurt 2012 was a great opportunity for Nicolai from Vintage & Rare to record many impressive videos. We want to share all of them with you. This week we are showing you impressive Caparison Guitars.

Caparison Guitars are Japanese guitar and bass company. The company was established in 1995. Their best selling guitar is “Horus” model, but it is also important to mention their Caparison Dellinger, TAT and Orbit models.

‘’ I am delighted to continue working with, and designing for Caparison. I would like to express my deepest thanks to our customers, dealers, artists, and all who helped support us in making a fresh start. It is my feeling that Caparison guitars are still evolving, and I have many ideas that can now be embodied. With your support, I look forward to realising a world of new guitars.’’

Itaru Kanno/ Designer, Caparison Guitar Company.

Chris Amott / Caparison Guitars / Frankfurt 2012

Caparison Guitars / Guitar presentation / Frankfurt 2012

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Video blog: Stevens Custom Guitars

In April 2012 Nicolai from Vintage & Rare had a great opportunity to meet Werner Kozlik at the Frankfurt Show 2012. Werner is owner of Stevens Custom Guitars and Munich Repair Shop. At the show they were presenting the whole range of instruments they do in Stevens Custom Guitars Company.

They are mostly focused on development and production of musical instruments, such as Steal String Guitars, Jazz Guitars, Irish Bouzoukis, Acoustic Bass Guitars and custom orders.

Here are some cool pictures and videos of that day. Enjoy!

Stevens Custom Guitars / 1 of 2 / Vintage & Rare / Frankfurt Show 2012

Stevens Custom Guitars / 2 of 2 / Vintage & Rare / Frankfurt Show 2012

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