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1. Claudio Pagelli, Pagelli Guitars (Switzerland)




“Nicolai Schneekloth’s vintage and rare is simply the best. I’m sure that if you google the words
“professional, serious, effective, great people, worth the money”, it will show “vintage and rare”!


2. Drum Station Maintal (Germany)





“We think it is very good to be represented on Vintage & Rare, because a lot of end-user can find our products here. Moreover every month I get an email with a digest of what traffic has reach our V&R page and our products. I think that there are more inquiries reaching our homepage. As we believe V&R viewers found our instruments there. And also the contact with Vintage & Rare, especially with Nicolai, is very kind”!


3. Jim’s Guitars (US)




“His work has brought our industry another dimension of trade with an international customer base”.


4. Harri Koski, Mad Professor Amplification Ltd. (Finland)





“Nicolai has one of the best customer services in the business. I highly recommend him as a business partner”.


5. Juha, Ruokangas Guitars (Finland)





“Nicolai has done tremendous job with the Vintage & Rare, engaging internet in a unique way to support musical instrument business. He’s a great guy to work with and genuinely listens and reacts to his clients needs. Keep up the great work, Nico!”


6. Dan Yablonka, Yablonka Guitars (US)





“Nicolai Sheenkloth is a marvelous new addition to my business and has even become a friend in the brief but meaningful time that I have known him and been involved with his service. I signed up with Vintage and Rare and have been treated like a King! He went way out of his way to make sure his service was successful. Nico would be an addition to anyone’s team!!”


7. Craig Brody, Guitarbroker (US)





“Out of all the gear sites out there, V&R has definetely brought in a lot of attention and action for my shop! Thank you for the business – you are doing a great job”.


8. Benoit Debroize, Vintage Guitars (France)





“After about a month we had created my account on V&R, I received an email from Japan. It concerned a Mosrite made Dobro called the avalon C60 acoustic electric. The man was a Mosrite collector from Tokyo and he knew just everything about the Mosrite period of the Dobro brand in the late 60′s.

We had a very nice exchange of informations, pictures and details about those rare instruments. There is almost no document about that period and it was very interesting to dig a bit deeper in the History of Mosrite made Dobros. After a few days he was sure, and I was too, that this particular model was the one he had been searching for years. He paid via paypal. I shipped. That was an extremely nice transaction.
I love this job”.


9. Julien, Fluxson Musik (France)




“We had several contacts with your site, we just sold the lower Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe V, – Your website is really very good, continue like that. THANK YOU THANK YOU.”
Julien – Fluxson Music, France


10. Detlef Alder, GuitarPoint (Germany)





“Vintage&Rare is the perfect network/communication platform for guitar lovers and builders all over the world. It is very easy to use, and the handling and upload of instruments is very fast and reliable. Vintage&Rare has helped us finding a lot of new customers and contacts from all over the world, …We don´t know any better site of this kind, ..thanks”!


11. Benoit, Vintage Guitars France (France)

“Just a small message to let you know I’ve sold the first guitar thanks to your website. The Mosrite Dobro Avalon is going to… Japan!! Thanks a lot, Ben”.


12. André Jensen

“I am really glad I found your page. I have been using Google to look for cool music instruments, and then I stumpled over your website. Now it’s much more easy to find the most beautiful instruments! Thank you. I strongly recommend Vintage & Rare, if you’re looking for the worlds most finest instruments and gear!”


13. Nikolaj Davidsen

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14. Thomas Qvist

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15. Palle Schultz

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16. Laura Clapp Davidson

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17. Morten Gorm

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18. Thomas Qvist

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19. Mattias Hundebøll

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20. Henrik Berger

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21. Graham Smith, Norway

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22. Alan Craig

“I’ve always liked that site! Thanks for doing it”.


23. John Wennergren (who just bought a white Yamaha from V&R Showroom)

“Today I got the guitar… It’s a beauty! Thank you very much for everything and good luck with everything and good luck with Vintage&Rare.”
Here is the link to the guitar John bought on V&R 🙂

GuitarPoint Interview with Detlef Alder from GuitarPoint

Detlef Alder talks about the challenges of being a vintage guitar dealer, the oddest vintage guitars he`s had in his shop, his favorite guitars and his advice for players looking to purchase a vintage guitar.

Hi Detlef, thank you for taking your time to speak to us. Could you please tell as a little bit about GuitarPoint? Where are you located?
We are located in the little town called Maintal near Frankfurt. I opened GuitarPoint about 10 years ago, GuitarPoint has quickly become a good address for guitar players, enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world. From the beginning we specialized in Highend-, Customshop and Vintage Guitars, from this year on we strictly deal with Vintage Guitars only!

What initially motivated you to set up a vintage music shop, and when was that?
We´ve always been dealing with vintage guitars, even though the High End & Custom Shop gear was our main business. My plan was to concentrate on the Vintage Business only, the last years before my retirement. As I decided this year not to sign any contracts with major brands anymore, it was close and the decision was easy for me to reopen GuitarPoint as a “Vintage-Only” store. We´ve already had the gear and we already had the knowledge.

What do you consider the biggest challenge for dealers of vintage music instruments today?
It is very hard to keep your Shop inventory always on a high level with instruments of excellent and mint quality. It was much easier in the past to call the distributer and order another dozen of Custom Shop instruments when you´ve sold them.
It’s also a challenge to make customers feel comfortable to buy vintage instruments.  A lot of customers would like to buy a vintage instruments, but are afraid of fakes, as they don´t have the knowledge to proof the authentic.

Do you play music yourself? If so, what do you play, for how long have you been doing it?
I´ve been playing music all of my life, I started playing clarinet in a marching band at the age of 6. Later I learned keyboard and finally I got stuck playing the guitar.

How do you choose what vintage guitars to carry?
I personally choose the vintage instruments for my store. There is a certain demand from our customers, which I have to serve, mostly for the classic Vintage Instruments such as Strats, Teles, Les Paul etc. But I’m always interested to stock some not so famous, but rare instruments nobody else carries. Sometimes if a not so desired vintage instrument is extremely clean (mint) and comes with an interesting story and complete documentation makes me buy it.

What is the oddest vintage guitar you’ve ever sold?
A ´70s Blond Rickenbacker doubleneck ? Maybe a ´60s Hofner Violinbass-doubleneck? We´ve sold a lot of odd stuff already …

Do you have any personal favorite vintage guitars in your shop? If so, why is said guitar your favorite?
Actually I´m a Les Paul guy, but the guitar for the lonely island would definitely be a Telecaster. There is a ´59 mint 6120 I could go crazy for at the moment, and that gold ´52 ES-295 I just bought as well …

Given that this is for a blog, what role has technology (the internet, your website, etc.) played in the success of your business?
Especially nowadays it is very important to show your gear to an audience worldwide. Many people don´t mind driving far to check a nice variety of Instruments, but they need to know it´s worth it. The WWW helps bringing your showcase out to the world.

Is there a general trend to the people who purchase from you, in terms of how skilled or experienced they are?
No, not really. There is the collector, there is the skilled player, there is the “normal” family guy who just fulfills a dream he couldn´t afford when he started playing. There is also the investor as well, most of them play pretty damn good by the way!

What advice would you give to somebody looking to purchase a vintage guitar?
It’s important to buy from a well-known source. Checkout the people who are selling the guitars, if you´re not experienced in vintage guitars, definitely have some expert help you checking the instrument of desire for authentic. Our company sells all instruments with a COA and a checklist of all parts. Furthermore we include a DVD with up to 50 detailed pictures of the instrument.