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Rocco DeLuca / Through Fire / Vintage & RareTv / Daniel Lanois house

In January 2014 we had the pleasure of shooting 2 performances with Rocco DeLuca at the house/studio of Daniel Lanois in Los Angeles, exclusively for VintageandRare.com

On the first video Rocco is performing his song “Through Fire”. On the 2nd video Rocco performs “Congregate”. Both songs are from Rocco´s forthcoming album.
Both performances was done on a very unique baritone lap steel (Rocco Deluca prototype) built by CA based masterluthier and V&R partner, Pavel Maslowiec aka Pavel Guitars.

Secret gateways to Rocco: WebsiteTwitter, Youtube


V&R Founder Nicolai Schneekloth & Rocco Deluca

V&R Founder Nicolai Schneekloth & Rocco Deluca