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Video blog: Fender 1949/1951 Telecaster Broadcaster Nocaster Prototype Vintage Guitar

Here we have Dan from Chelsea Guitars in his shop in New York. He is talking about a Fender 1949/1951 Telecaster Broadcaster Nocaster Vintage Guitar.

Sam Hutton was the guy who worked for Fender building amplifiers for 35 years. He had a guitar that he would test the amps out with. George Fullerton one day came and said to Sam that the guitar was really valuable and he shouldn’t leave it hanging on a nail with a string; he should put it in the will for his son. So time goes by, Sam passes away and his son has this guitar. This was in 1998.

It is hard to believe now that very few people knew about really early Esquires or Fenders. The first ones where made of pine. Also they don’t have a trussrod so they are really interesting. Dan thinks that there where maybe five guys in the USA that knew something about these guitars. This guitar is really unusual 0009, it is probably the six one made. This one is really unique, it doesn’t look like much. When Dan got it he was thinking about repainting it. The color is 1950’s Studabaker Red.

They figured out that Leo Fender used this one as a test-ban. First five guitars basically are Esquires, either red or black, pine body, no trussrod. Gibson was coming out with the gold top with two pickups. So Leo decided to do something. That is why Leo made this pickup which is very handmade looking. This is one of the first guitars that has two pickups.

For the rest of the story, watch the video below. Enjoy!

Chelsea Guitars, USA

If you love old, classic guitars you owe it to yourself to check this place out. The place is tiny; basically what you see in the display window is most of what they got. Go inside and it’s like dropping in to a friend’s apartment, albeit a tiny apt. But it’s cool; Dan and whoever else is there are just hanging out. If you need help, they’re glad to do it but if you just want to hang, they’ll give you space.

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