Yeahman´s Guitar Fest Burgdorf Picture Gallery

Yeahman´s Guitar Fest is a guitar show located in beautiful Burgdorf in Switzerland, not far from Zürich. We had an invitation to come and visit the show by founder Michael Marti and his brother. So we jumped on a plane and a train and arrived for the show to be there for the opening, sunday sep 17th. This is not a review of the show, but we must say we had a super great time and was welcomed by a very friendly and passionate team of people from the swiss music community running the show. Below you can see some of the pics we shot on the show. We recommend you go visit in 2018.

Awesome food and great service from the guys at the The Lunch Box food truck. (

Relish Guitars – outdoor booth

Swiss guitarplayer and self acclaimed guitar nerd, Baptiste Bouli Amstutz, setting up to demo a fantastic vintage 1962 Fender Stratocaster in custom colour, Fiesta Red.

Mint condition 1957 Gibson ES-175D. Click on picture to see, Baptiste Bouli Amstutz, demoing of this archtop guitar.

Fender Super Six amp from Alligator Amps

Fürst Guitars

Good Tone Pickups

Soultool Customized Guitars from Switzerland

Soultool Customized Guitars from Switzerland

Soultool Customized Guitars from Switzerland

Marshall Amps at the Alligator Amps booth

Hiwatt amps at the Alligator Amps booth

1955 Fender Telecaster from Lead Music

Fürst Guitars & SoulTool Guitars.

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