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Fidock Drums / Blackwood - 5 Different Models / 2013 / Golden Brown To Dark Brown / Drum For Sale

Our signature sound… warm, distinctive, musical and very powerful.

The Fidock Blackwood snare drum is a premium recording instrument acclaimed by studios and drummers worldwide.

Quick and easy to tune, this snare responds admirably to a wide range of tunings with will full voices, controlled overtones, plenty of bite and a clean crisp snare response.

6.5” x 14”. Immense power, very full and extremely clean with well rounded controlled overtones. In this size, you got it covered from Fusion to Heavy Metal. A wonderful recording or concert snare. This is very FAT and very classy.

5” x 14”. Very fast response with tremendous cutting power. The shorter shell does not lessen the ability of this drum to provide a huge amount of FAT and rich warm tones. Extremely well suited to Rock ‘n roll, Jazz and Reggae.

13”x9” FatBoy This drum begs the question: why haven’t these dimensions become standard in snare drums?

We all know, that bringing the right tools with you is half the battle. So here at last, is a practical and quick to tune snare drum with more FAT and bottom end than you can poke a stick at.

And the beauty of it is that at a medium tension, this drum has all the bounce and power of a 14” but with a ton more bottom end.

Perfect for big ballads and anything else slow and funky.

Source: Australia (Victoria, Qld, Tasmania). Vanuatu.

Wood Colour: Golden brown to dark brown, some reddish tinge.

Fidock 6.5" x 14"           wood hoops
Fidock 5" x 14"              wood hoops
Fidock FatBoy 9“x13”    wood hoops
Fidock 6.5" x 14"           triple flange hoops
Fidock 5" x 14"              triple flange hoops
Fidock FatBoy 9“x13”    triple flange hoops

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Fidock Handcrafted Drums, Australia  

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Stephan Fidock
Fidock Drums
Hand-Built Drums
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By appointment.

Fidock Handcrafted Drums are about elite drums for session and live work.

Most contemporary drum sounds reflect the materials and construction methods in use today for high turnover of product.

At Fidock Handcrafted Drums, we make solid stave shells for all our drums, lathed thin and genuinely handcrafted.

Less glue, no harsh reflective coatings, tonal timber, thin shells, outstanding bearing edges, more tone and depth. 

The result: Warm, musical, earthy and powerful drums, with all aspects of the construction and finishing processes directed towards elite recording instruments.

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