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Fidock Drums / Blackwood Session Kit / 2014 / Golden Brown To Dark Brown / Drum For Sale

Listen to samples here

Built specifically for the studio, this 5 piece kit is entirely handcrafted from select tonal blackwood.

Each drum, including the bass drum, has reinforcement rings sculpted into the shell.

This feature not only adds focus, warmth and depth across the entire drum set, but eliminates the need for external dampening.

This also allows us to lathe the shells to the optimum thickness for maximum volume and tone.

As a result, shell thickness is varied across the kit for a perfectly balanced ensemble.

We have kept our unique steam bent hoops sitting low on the skin for smoother access to the playing surface and a more efficient playing motion (kits are also available with triple flange or diecast steel hoops).

The shells are free of mounting blocks.

Exposed tension rods kept long for rapid drum head change.

From choice of timber to construction and parts, FHD session kits offer a superlative recording instrument suitable for all styles of music.

Source: Australia (Victoria, Qld, Tasmania). Vanuatu.

Wood Colour: Golden brown to dark brown, some reddish tinge.

BASS DRUM: 24”X18” (10mm stave shell).
Drum heads: Ctd EMAD BD on batter head and Evans Resonant Smooth White on front

RACK TOMS: 12”X10” AND 14”X10” (6mm stave shell)
Drum heads: Evans G1 Coated on batter and Evans Resonant Clear
on bottom

FLOOR TOM: 16” X 14” (10mm stave shell).

Drum heads: Evans G1 Coated on batter and Evans Resonant Clear on bottom.

MOUNTING SYSTEM: Worldmax D.S.S Drum Suspension Systems (sold separately).

Call for price

Fidock Handcrafted Drums, Australia  

Contact name:
Stephan Fidock
Fidock Drums
Hand-Built Drums
Opening hours:
By appointment.

Fidock Handcrafted Drums are about elite drums for session and live work.

Most contemporary drum sounds reflect the materials and construction methods in use today for high turnover of product.

At Fidock Handcrafted Drums, we make solid stave shells for all our drums, lathed thin and genuinely handcrafted.

Less glue, no harsh reflective coatings, tonal timber, thin shells, outstanding bearing edges, more tone and depth. 

The result: Warm, musical, earthy and powerful drums, with all aspects of the construction and finishing processes directed towards elite recording instruments.

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