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Olsson Amps / DOG Drive / 2016 / Effect

Olsson Amps - D.O.G Drive

Hand built overdrive pedal that gives you a medium amount of drive and keeps a lot of the original guitar character.

The pedal is very robust and built using an eyelet card, in a similar way that our tube amps.

Simple layout, Drive is controling the amount of distortion and Level is controling the output signal.

With Drive at minimum and Level at maximum you can even use the pedal as a booster.

D.O.G Drive is suited for rock-, country- and blues guitarists or other genres looking for medium drive pedals.


Power supply     9V battery or 9V DC adapter 10mA
Controls     Drive, Level and Foot Switch True Bypass
Housing     Aluminum
Size box     119,5x94x34 (lxwxh)

Instrument sold

Olsson Amps, Sweden  

Contact name:
John Olsson
Olsson Amps
Swedish, English
Handmade guitar tube amps
Opening hours:
08:00-17:00 CET

About Us

Olsson Amps is a company focusing on hand built, hand wired guitar tube amps with excellent sound and build quality. Behind Olsson Amps you will find me, John Olsson, designer and builder of the amps. I’ve been working with music, guitar amps and electronic design since I was a teenager.

In the 70ths I worked for Hagström in Stockholm as a sound and service engineer for many years. At this time my real interest for guitar amp and mixer console design took off. After leaving Hagström I spent a couple of years constructing custom mixing consoles for stage use. Later on I had a small business manufacturing tube amp kits beside my ordinary work.

In the beginning of 2012 I finally got the possibility to realize my vision - Producing excellent hand build guitar tube amps for you who think that sound and building quality is as important as I do.

Welcome to Olsson Amps!

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