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Tom Morello talks about why gear doesn´t matter

Red Bull Tv´s “Gearheads” recently released an interview with guitarist Tom Morello (RATM, Audioslave etc.) where he shares his perspectives around gear and why the gear itself does not matter at all. That debate is very old and we expect to see lots of comments on the perspectives raised by Tom Morello. Continue reading

Isolated guitar and bass tracks

We love vintage musical instruments and we love vintage recordings.

The sixties and the seventies have been the most exciting decades in terms of sound research and recording technique. However, we love it when the technology which is surrounding us nowadays provides us with a whole new way to listen to our favorites.

Digital technology such as the moog file format and even popular video-games such as Guitar Hero allow us to tear a song a part and listen to one isolated track at the time. Whether the purpose of doing this is to learn thoroughly a song on guitar or find out what kind of mixing tricks have been used to create the sound that we love so much, what we discover is astonishing and inspiring. The musicians’ skills and technique don’t seem to be quite as important as the feeling they’ve put into it. We often find mistakes in the execution, mistakes that disappear or even add a magic feeling when we listen to the track in its whole.
Many isolated tracks are hosted on youtube. As Vintage & Rare we picked our top 5. Needless to mention that these tracks are taken from the history of rock.

So, whether you’re looking for inspiration or if you want to analyze how your guitar hero used to rip his instrument in the studio, or how he wanted his track mixed in your head, go ahead and check these links. But beware! It might sound bad from time to time..but hey!! Who cares about perfection? These people wrote a piece of history. And we all should be grateful.


The Beatles – SUn King – Guitar track

The guitar bounces softly from the left to the right and back again creating endless space in our mind..

The Who – My Generation – Guitar Track

In this live recording from the 1970 Pete Townshend’s shredding guitar. You can hear a couple of the purely valve sounds we still love so much. Something punk rock bands are still trying to reproduce today. Pure rock ‘n’ roll.

Black Sabbath – Into the Void – Guitar Track

Pioneers of heavy metal..Double tracking fills up your ears and kicks ass. At 3:08 min Tony Iommi gives his best.

Nirvana – Kurt Cobain – You know you’re right – Guitar Track

Noisy and cool..this track reveals Kurt Cobain’s taste in guitar sound and songwriting. His typical alternating quiet verses with noisy choruses. And how he holds the feedback at 1:16. Amazing!

Rage Against The Machine – Killing in the name – Bass track

Tim Commerford grooves his way through the song..It’s hard not to imagine the drums pattern though..The rhythmic session in this song is a badass rolling stone.