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Dubré Guitars JMT Custom Thomas Andersson Grøn Koncert 2016

Guitar player extraordinaire, Thomas Andersson, contacted us before his summer tour 2016 with an interesting custom guitar project for this specific tour.

We met up with luthier Pierre Dubré aka Dubré Guitars and came up with a JM design based on Telecaster hardware specs with bindings. We named this specific guitar JMT Custom.

On the pics below you can see Thomas play the JMT Custom on Grøn Koncert 2016 with artist; Nik & Jay.

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Dubré Guitars / JMT Custom / Thomas Andersson / Vintage & Rare

Guitarplayer and producer, Thomas Andersson, contacted us some months ago regarding him being in need of a black guitar for his upcoming summertour. Thomas and V&R has collaborated in guitar designs before and this time we came up with Jazzmaster / Offset design with Telecaster Custom features with gold hardware. The guitar was built in a tight collaboration with luthier Pierre from Dubré Guitars. A huge thanks to Dubré Guitars team for making this beautiful and cool guitar come to life. It was a great pleasure to work with Dubré Guitars and we highly recommend them as a partner for your future dream-guitar-build. This guitar is the first of a batch of 4, so if you are interested in owning one of these gems just let us know.

On the clips below you can hear Thomas play the guitar just moments after recieving the guitar for the first time.

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How to install a Buzz Stop on a Fender Jazzmaster

We made a little video tutorial for you, on how to install a Buzz Stop on your Fender Jazzmaster/ Jaguar bridge.

We stopped by the cool workshop of Guitar Service, aka Dubré Guitars, and they helped us doing this video. You will see that it’s very easy to add a Buzz Stop, and it can really improve your Jazzmaster or Jaguar sustain characteristics. You can find a Buzz Stop on Martin’s Musik-Kiste‘s profile on Vintage&Rare.

Find more guitar videos on our youtube channel!

If you want to find out more about the buzz stop, check out on Whizzo Buzz Stop, this great article!

How to Clean a Rosewood Fingerboard on Your Guitar – A Pro Tutorial

Many of our Vintage & Rare friends have over the years asked us how we would recommend cleaning rosewood fingerboards on guitars. Now we bring a tutorial video featuring our friend and partner Pierre Boserup Dubré who is an excellent Danish luthier and the man behind Dubré Guitars. Here Pierre shows us a professional way of cleaning a rosewood fingerboard on guitars.

The music in the video is delivered by Danish musician Elsk Livet. Check it out!

Also, check out Dubré Guitars on Vintage & Rare to see his impressive creations. In the video below, you can see a demonstration of one of his guitars, the Harmony Model T-Style.

All the best,

The Vintage & Rare Team