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Stolen Guitars from Musikhuset-Odense in Denmark.

Stolen Guitars from Musikhuset-Odense in Denmark.

On Sep 30th 2017 one of our trusted V&R sellers from Denmark, Musikhuset-Odense, had a total of 22 instruments stolen from their store.

Please see the full list and pics below. If you come across, hear or see anything related to this – please let us know by contacting us or Musikhuset-Odense:

Claus Vang
Lavsenvænget 11
5200 Odense V.
Telephone: +45 4016 5490

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How to install a Buzz Stop on a Fender Jazzmaster

We made a little video tutorial for you, on how to install a Buzz Stop on your Fender Jazzmaster/ Jaguar bridge.

We stopped by the cool workshop of Guitar Service, aka Dubré Guitars, and they helped us doing this video. You will see that it’s very easy to add a Buzz Stop, and it can really improve your Jazzmaster or Jaguar sustain characteristics. You can find a Buzz Stop on Martin’s Musik-Kiste‘s profile on Vintage&Rare.

Find more guitar videos on our youtube channel!

If you want to find out more about the buzz stop, check out on Whizzo Buzz Stop, this great article!

Video Interview with Nels Cline from Wilco

Nels Cline is an American Guitarist and composer well known for his general involvement in the west coast’s improvisation community and since 2004 for being a member of the band Wilco. He was named the 82nd greatest guitarist of all time by Rolling Stones magazine in November 2011, and the 43rd greatest guitarist of all time by Spin magazine in May 2012.

Premier Guitar has interviewed Nels Cline about the guitars, Amps and Effects he enjoys using.


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Guest-blog by Gavin Wilson of guitarz.blogspot.com

Guitarz.blogspot.com was the first guitar-blog on the web. Thus, we here at Vintage & Rare.com figured that it would be a good idea to have founder and writer Gavin Wilson write a couple of guest-posts on our blog. Below is the first one:

Yamaha SG-3 from 1966

As the author of the internet’s longest running guitar blog (at guitarz.blogspot.com – started in August 2002 – seriously there were NO other guitar blogs then) I am of course a keen guitar enthusiast, even if I do tend to find myself writing about guitars more than actually playing them. Over the years I have bought and sold many guitars; I have owned well over 50 guitars over the years, and currently have a modest collection of approximately 20 instruments. Of these I have three that I would call vintage guitars. Obviously this would depend on your definition of “vintage”; such instruments need to be of a certain age, but also there should be an element of desirability.
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Fender Stratocaster 1963 Jimi Hendrix owned

This Fender Stratocaster serial L14985 was manufactured in 1963. It  was owned  and used by Jimi Hendrix, and comes with a notarized letter from his brother, Leon Hendrix, which indicates, that Jimi had this guitar at his home in Benedict Canyon, L.A, in 1968, and that he used it in Juggy Sound studios in New York.

Check this incredible guitar out here

The package also includes an additional letter from Leon with more info: that the guitar was subsequently given to the studio owner and was used as an in-house instrument until the owner’s passing. Furthermore it also comes with photos of Leon holding and playing this guitar. This is a real “insider” guitar with an unique provenance, signed and notarized, from Jimi’s own brother, Leon Hendrix.

It’s the real deal!