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Deimel Guitars / The Firestar / Jazzmaster Jaguar Non Reverse Firebird Crossover Offset Interpretation


We sat down with German luthier Frank Deimel from Deimel Guitars to have a chat around a few of the guitars brought to Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016.

On this clip Frank shows us 2 variations of their Firestar model. The Firestar model is a crossover between a Jazzmaster, Jaguar and Non reverse Firebird and is their interpretation of a new offset style guitar.

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Dubré Guitars / JMT Custom / Thomas Andersson / Vintage & Rare

Guitarplayer and producer, Thomas Andersson, contacted us some months ago regarding him being in need of a black guitar for his upcoming summertour. Thomas and V&R has collaborated in guitar designs before and this time we came up with Jazzmaster / Offset design with Telecaster Custom features with gold hardware. The guitar was built in a tight collaboration with luthier Pierre from Dubré Guitars. A huge thanks to Dubré Guitars team for making this beautiful and cool guitar come to life. It was a great pleasure to work with Dubré Guitars and we highly recommend them as a partner for your future dream-guitar-build. This guitar is the first of a batch of 4, so if you are interested in owning one of these gems just let us know.

On the clips below you can hear Thomas play the guitar just moments after recieving the guitar for the first time.

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Deimel Guitarworks Interview with Frank Deimel from Deimel Guitarsworks

Frank Deimel opened his guitar/bass-workshop in 1998 in Berlin. Some of his clients are Sonic Youth, Tocotronic, Nikki Sudden etc. We had a little chat with him about his work as a luthier.


Hi Frank, thank you for taking your time to speak to us. Could you tell us a little bit about how and when did you start your company? Where are you located?
I started my guitar-building company in Berlin during my study at the UdK Berlin, while I took the Industrial Design courses. I developed several designs of my guitars during that time, and besides that I got to known Berlin as a divided place. In 1998 I officially started the business, which is based in former west, called “red island”, it`s a place somewhere between Potsdamer Platz and Tempelhof.
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Fender Stratocaster 1963 Jimi Hendrix owned

This Fender Stratocaster serial L14985 was manufactured in 1963. It  was owned  and used by Jimi Hendrix, and comes with a notarized letter from his brother, Leon Hendrix, which indicates, that Jimi had this guitar at his home in Benedict Canyon, L.A, in 1968, and that he used it in Juggy Sound studios in New York.

Check this incredible guitar out here

The package also includes an additional letter from Leon with more info: that the guitar was subsequently given to the studio owner and was used as an in-house instrument until the owner’s passing. Furthermore it also comes with photos of Leon holding and playing this guitar. This is a real “insider” guitar with an unique provenance, signed and notarized, from Jimi’s own brother, Leon Hendrix.

It’s the real deal!