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Exploring the melodic marvels: A Visual Journey Through the Gothenburg Guitar Show 2024

Once again, it was time for the annual Gothenburg Guitar Show at the charming Auktionsverket in Gothenburg. What a beautiful setting to honor the finest vintage and luthier-built instruments from various Scandinavian dealers and builders. As the doors swung open to welcome enthusiasts and aficionados alike, the air buzzed with anticipation, promising a feast for the eyes and ears alike.


A Symphony of Strings

The gallery of pictures captured at the Gothenburg Guitar Show is a testament to this vibrant event’s exquisite craftsmanship and boundless creativity. From sleek electric guitars to rich-toned acoustic beauties, every instrument on display tells a story of passion, dedication, and musical innovation.

Vintage Vibes

Step back in time as you marvel at the vintage treasures showcased at the event. Each photograph transports you to an era of rock ‘n’ roll legends and timeless melodies. From iconic models that have shaped the sound of generations to rare gems waiting to be discovered, the vintage section of the show is a treasure trove for collectors and connoisseurs.

Luthier’s Corner

Enter the luthier’s corner, where innovation meets tradition in a harmonious blend of artistry and expertise. Here, skilled craftsmen and women unveil their latest creations, each testament to their mastery of the craft. Whether it’s a meticulously hand-carved acoustic masterpiece or a cutting-edge electric guitar with futuristic design elements, the luthier-built instruments showcased at the event push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of guitar-making.

Moments in Melody

The gallery captures more than just the instruments themselves; it also freezes moments in time that speak to the soul of music. From intimate jam sessions between friends to electrifying performances that leave the audience spellbound, the Gothenburg Guitar Show celebrates the universal language of melody and rhythm.


As you browse the gallery of pictures from the Gothenburg Guitar Show, you will be transported to a world where passion, creativity, and craftsmanship reign supreme. Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist, a collector in search of your next prized possession, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of music, the show offers something for everyone to enjoy. So sit back, relax, and let the music take you on a visual journey.

Anders Anderson showcasing a 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard – https://www.vintageandrare.com/dealer/Anders-Anderson-Guitars-1009

Johan Lundgren (right) and friend – https://www.vintageandrare.com/builder/Lundgren-guitar-pickups-464
Stevie Klasson is trying out a Gypsy Jazz guitar from luthier, Heikki Rousu
Luthier, Heikki Rousu
Built by Heikki Rousu
Laust, Ole and Kasper display an array of Martins –https://www.vintageandrare.com/dealer/Akustikken-9131
Arvid Nero – https://www.instagram.com/arvidneromusic/?hl=en
Luthiers: xxx, Thomas Fredholm and Karl Jürss
1963 Fender Stratocaster Fiesta Red / Oscar Guitars

Nicolai von Cotta-Schönberg shot all photos for GotGuitars and VintageandRare.com. Shot on a Leica Q2.

V&R Boutique Guitar Show gallery from The Fellowship Of Acoustics 2019

V&R Boutique Guitar Show gallery from The Fellowship Of Acoustics 2019

In Dec 2019 we went to The Fellowship Of Acoustics with V&R Boutique Guitar Show.

If you choose to share pics please credit VintageandRare.com

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V&R Boutique Guitar Show 2019 at Max Guitar in Holland

V&R Boutique Guitar Show at Max Guitar in Holland

On Nov. 30th & Dec. 1st we brought V&R Boutique Guitar Show to Max Guitar in Holland. 

Here is a gallery from the show. It was a great success with hundreds of people visiting, drooling, and trying out the guitars and gear we brought to the show. Huge thanks to the awesome and cool team at Max Guitar for having us. 

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The Great Scandinavian Guitar Show 2019 Gallery

The Great Scandinavian Guitar Show 2019

Pictures from The Great Scandinavian Guitar Show 2019 at Fryshuset in Stockholm.
It was a fantastic weekend together with friends from the passionate Swedish guitar community.
We also brought our touring Boutique Guitar Show to the show, which was a great success. We gave the public a unique opportunity to experience guitars and gear from luthiers and builders from all over the world.
If you use these pictures online, please make sure to credit VintageandRare.com.

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Akustikken – Denmark – V&R Boutique Guitar Show gallery

Akustikken – Denmark – V&R Boutique Guitar Show gallery

On Oct. 11th, 2019 – Akustikken in Copenhagen, Denmark, hosted the V&R Boutique Guitar Show. 

We had the rainiest day of the month, but a good little crowd was turning up to try out some of the world-class guitars, amps, and pedals that we brought to the show. 

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Malmö Musikaffär hosts V&R Boutique Guitar Show

Malmö Musikaffär hosts V&R Boutique Guitar Show

Gallery from V&R Boutique Guitar Show at Malmö Musikaffär in Sweden.

Please feel free to share pics on social media. We would be very happy if you remember to photo credit VintageandRare.com.

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V&R Boutique Guitar Show at Jam Gitarrer in Stockholm

V&R Boutique Guitar Show at Jam Gitarrer in Stockholm

Team V&R would like to extend warm thank you´s to everybody that came out to Jam Gitarrer in Stockholm. This was our first show and it went very well. Lots of amazing gear, great support from luthiers and boutique builders and a ton of great conversations with people showing up and starting dreams.

See gallery below and please feel free to share. Please remember to credit Vintage & Rare if you do so.

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Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 Gallery

Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 pulled off an amazing show this year. Like always actually…

Huge thumbs up to the HGGS 2016 team. Very well organized and executed. This show has an amazing atmosphere and there are hundreds af super beautiful, unique and spectacular creations from some of the world´s top luthiers.

Below is some of the instruments we photographed this year. It´s not to say it´s be best, cause there were so many fantastic instruments on display. This is selected outtakes from what caught our lenses during to great days at Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 in Berlin.

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The best of Copenhagen Guitar & Bass Show 2016

Copenhagen Guitar & Bass Show 2016 ended sunday last week. We had a fantastic show and it´s always great to meet customers and people from our network face to face.

The show is always a giant candy store of fantastic vintage and handbuilt instruments. Make sure you stop by next year.

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Guide: Copenhagen Guitar & Bass Show 2016

Copenhagen Guitar & Bass Show 2016 is coming up on 1.-2. October! The show enters its 11th year in 2016 and opens its doors to a weekend-long celebration of guitars and basses.


Guide to copenhagen guitar and bass show

Michael Sanden, Thomas Fredholm, Roman Zajíček at the Copenhagen Guitar & Bass Show 2014.


Discover new, vintage and handbuilt instruments


Whether you’re looking for new, vintage or handbuilt guitars, basses, amps, effects, parts, accessories etc., you’ll find it among the local and international exhibitors at the show.

Retailers, wholesalers, luthiers and custom builders as well as private gear heads showcase their fascinating instrument collections and let you sample and buy all the gear you absolutely cannot live without. Many exhibitors run special ’Show Promotions’ so don’t miss out on a good bargain.


Beyond exhibitors – enjoy the CLINICs


Beyond the long list of exhibitors, Danish and International artists as well as gear professionals are headlining the show’s CLINICs, in which talks, sessions and demonstrations will give you an amazing insight into the world of guitars and basses.

This year, the line-up spans from Ida Nielsen, former Prince bassist, who will tell about her captivating experiences and demonstrate her incredible technique, over Greg Koch masterfully handling his six-string, to the well-known YouTubers Dan and Mick from That Pedal Show.


Guide to Copenhagen Guitar & Bass Show 2016


Do you have a genuine passion for guitars and basses, just like we do? – make sure you save the first weekend of October for a visit at the Copenhagen Guitar & Bass Show 2016. As a long time supporter and sponsor of the show, we will definitely be there.

If you don’t have more than a few hours to spend at the show, we recommend that you go for these 11 shops and luthiers. Check them out below and get a preview of their wonderful instruments prior to the show.


Martin´s Musik-Kiste – From Germany and run by Martin Hense

C.F. Martin HD35CFM IV 60th Anniversary

C.F. Martin HD35CFM IV 60th Anniversary

Rickenbacker 4003

Rickenbacker 4003 – 2016 – MapleGlo – Bass

Martin / D28 John Lennon / 2016

Martin / D28 John Lennon / 2016

Jam Gitarrer – from Gothenburg in Sweden.

Gibson ES-125 1963 Sunburst

Gibson / ES-125 / 1963 / Sunburst


Epiphone Epiphone / Texan FT79 / 1967 / Sunburst


Fender / Pro Amp / 1950 / Tweed

No.1 GuitarShop – from Gothenburg in Sweden.


Gibson / 335 / 1968 / Burgundy Mist


Gibson / Les Paul Custom / 1956 / Black


Santa Cruz / Tony Rice Pro / 1980’s

Euro Amp – from Denmark.


Benedetto / Carino 10 / 2016 / Black


Quilter / Steelaire Combo / 2016 / Black


Henriksen / The Bud / 2016 / Black

Carl Martin – from Denmark.


Carl Martin / Custom Shop 50 / 2010’s


Carl Martin / Echotone / 2010’s


Carl Martin / Bass Chorus / 2010’s

JJ Guitar – handbuilt guitars from Denmark.


Guild / X550 / 1958 / Natural


JJGuitars / JJ-Dreadnought – Made To Order / 2010’s


JJGuitars / JJ Custom – Made To Order / 2010

RozaWood – handbuilt guitars from Czechoslovakia


Rozawood / OCTAVE MANDOLIN OM-2 / 2012


Rozawood / GUITAR BOUZOUKI – Maple B&s / 2012


Rozawood / BELLISIMO BLUES – Bird’s Eye Maple & Bevel / 2015

Wood sound – fine guitar shop from Denmark


Gibson / ES335 / 1965 / Cherry


Fender / Telecaster / 1974 / Black


Bad Cat / Black Cat 30 2×12 Combo / 2010’s

Kehlet Guitars – handmade guitars from Denmark


Kehlet Guitars / Jakob Binzer Signature / 2014


Kehlet / Millenium™ 2000 – Made To Order / 2010’s


Kehlet / Folk Modern – Made To Order / 2010’s

Plektrum – guitars and drums shop from Denmark


Fender / Stratocaster / 1960’s / Dakota Red


Fender Vintage / Stratocaster / 1963 / Sonic Blue


Music Man / Stingray / 1980 / Brown Chestnut

Instrumentshoppen – guitarshop from Denmark


Gretsch / Chet Atkins Tennessean / 1967


Gibson / SG Les Paul / 1961


Fender / Telecaster Custom Shop Cunetto / 1996 / Butterscotch Blonde



Curious to see how the show unfolds? Get a video tour of the show in this video – a walkthrough we did at the show a few years ago. See more videos from the show on our V&R Youtube channel here.


Hope to see you at the show!