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Carl Martin I PlexiRanger – PlexiTone & Treble Booster in one pedal

The Carl Martin PlexiRanger

– A Plethora of classy Plexi-tones with a treble booster


Carl Martin PlexiRanger. For sale through Thomann.




Throughout the years, we have had the pleasure to demo quite a few pedals from the Danish pedal company, Carl Martin.


Their latest addition to the Carl Martin effects line-up is the PlexiRanger.


V&R’s thoughts on using the PlexiRanger


“I have used the Carl Martin Plexiranger since the prototype stage,” Vintage & Rare’s Henrik says, “and I found it very versatile both soundwise and as an application in a live situation. I’ve used the PlexiTone in most of my rigs the last decade or so, so I’m very familiar with it.”

“I used the Plexiranger as my main drive pedal on the last tour with Mike Tramp and the Band Of Brothers, both as a semi-clean driven crunchy sound, and as the overdriven rhythm and lead tone, using the remote option to switch the boost on/off from the Octaswitch (In my fly rig I use the Boss MS-3 which lets you assign the CTRL switches to make the switch when you change presets).”


“I found that using the frequency and range knobs makes a huge difference when you want to place yourself in the mix. It’s a powerful tool. For example, I might boost the signal with a compressor in front of the PlexiRanger for a particular lead sound, or I could use the PlexiRanger Boost as a ‘tone shaper’ for the more driven rhythm sounds, then when playing lead I just ad the compressor in front and delay and reverb last in the chain.”


Check out Henrik & Nicolai from V&R’s demo of the PlexiRanger.



So what makes this pedal stand-out?


Well, the PlexiRanger is a two-faced pedal.

It houses the renowned PlexiTone – an eerily accurate reproduction of the sound of a raging Marshall hunder-watter – alongside a treble booster section which you can use independently of the PlexiTone circuit.


The history of the treble booster


Treble booster is one of those effects that most players have heard of but relatively few have on their pedalboards. Is it an EQ? Not really. Is it a fuzz? Yeah not so much. A dirty boost? Sort of but not quite. The early treble boosters were developed by companies like Dallas and Skewes as bands got louder and louder, and guitarists started to get lost amongst the low-end clutter.


Treble boosters allowed guitarists to thin out the low end, add some teeth to the high end, and – if they wanted to – to hit the amplifier’s preamp tubes with a hotter signal, driving them to distortion. It helped to carve out a place for the guitar to dominate in a band mix, and it gave players more sustain. It even helped to open up the glorious possibilities of ear-shredding feedback.



In fact, you can hear Jimmy Page talking about treble boosters in the documentary It Might Get Loud, saying; “Knowing that there was a threshold in volume, I wanted to get more sustain out of things. I’d bumped into this chap, Roger Mayer…’did I have any ideas?’ I had this record at home of a guitar that had a lot of sustain on it, and I got him to come down and have a listen to it, and I said, ‘can you get that?’. And he went away and came back with this phenomenal thing.”


Guitarists have used treble boosters to solve all sorts of musical problems. For instance, Tony Iommi’s early Black Sabbath tone was driven by a Dallas Rangemaster treble booster into his Hiwatt amplifiers, slamming the amp’s -preamp tubes and creating the fuzzy, biting, moody, doomy sound that is unmistakably Iommi.


And Jimi Hendrix’s sound guru, Roger Mayer, developed a treble booster combining silicon and germanium transistors in 1961 which was used by many of his local pals such as one Mr. Jimmy Page. 


Queen’s Brian May also used treble boosters like the classic Rangemaster to get that heavenly, harmonically excited overdrive tone out of his VOX AC30 amplifiers, while Richie Blackmore plugged his into his Marshalls for his full, expressive Stratocaster tone.


Since those glory days, amplifier design evolved to have more gain and more tone control, so there was less of a need for treble boosters. But as these things tend to go, over time, we started to hear those old tones and ask, ‘Why can’t I get that sound out of my amp?’


And that brings us to the PlexiRanger. Carl Martin looked back at those great guitar tones and how they were achieved, and thought ‘What if..?’ So the PlexiRanger combines a Plexi-voiced overdrive/distortion featuring controls for Gain, Tone, and Level; and a Rangemaster-inspired boost with controls for Boost, Range, and Frequency. There’s a three-position Lo-Cut switch (the settings are slight low-frequency cut, heavy low cut, or no low cut).


The Boost knob gives you up to 15dB of clean boost to drive your amp harder, while the Range control governs how much treble boost is applied. Then that circuit can be fed into the PlexiTone side, giving you Rangemaster-into-Plexi tones right there at your feet. And if you decide to turn off the Plexi side, you’re free to apply the boost’s magic to whatever amplifier you wish to pair it with: as we’ve seen from Iommi, May, Blackmore, and Page, treble boosters can be very amp-dependent, and the one pedal can unlock different sonic treasures from different amps. 


Written by Peter Hodgson from IheartGuitar, Henrik Berger, Nicolai Schneekloth.



V&R Boutique Guitar Show gallery from The Fellowship Of Acoustics 2019

V&R Boutique Guitar Show gallery from The Fellowship Of Acoustics 2019

In Dec 2019 we went to The Fellowship Of Acoustics with V&R Boutique Guitar Show.

If you choose to share pics please credit VintageandRare.com

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The Great Scandinavian Guitar Show 2019 Gallery

The Great Scandinavian Guitar Show 2019

Pictures from The Great Scandinavian Guitar Show 2019 at Fryshuset in Stockholm.
It was a fantastic weekend together with friends from the passionate Swedish guitar community.
We also brought our touring Boutique Guitar Show to the show, which was a great success. We gave the public a unique opportunity to experience guitars and gear from luthiers and builders from all over the world.
If you use these pictures online, please make sure to credit VintageandRare.com.

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Red Repeat 2016 Edition Carl Martin

Red Repeat 2016 Edition Carl Martin Delay Pedal Demo

The new updated version of Carl Martin´s “Red Repeat” delay pedal has been released. This version is named Red Repeat 2016 Edition. The new version has 2 new cool features: Tap Tempo & Modulation.

This new version landed on our desk prior to the official release of the pedal. So we quickly headed into our demo studio and ran it for an ambient demo style test drive. See our full demo of the great sounding Red Repeat 2016 Edition below.

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Guide: Copenhagen Guitar & Bass Show 2016

Copenhagen Guitar & Bass Show 2016 is coming up on 1.-2. October! The show enters its 11th year in 2016 and opens its doors to a weekend-long celebration of guitars and basses.


Guide to copenhagen guitar and bass show

Michael Sanden, Thomas Fredholm, Roman Zajíček at the Copenhagen Guitar & Bass Show 2014.


Discover new, vintage and handbuilt instruments


Whether you’re looking for new, vintage or handbuilt guitars, basses, amps, effects, parts, accessories etc., you’ll find it among the local and international exhibitors at the show.

Retailers, wholesalers, luthiers and custom builders as well as private gear heads showcase their fascinating instrument collections and let you sample and buy all the gear you absolutely cannot live without. Many exhibitors run special ’Show Promotions’ so don’t miss out on a good bargain.


Beyond exhibitors – enjoy the CLINICs


Beyond the long list of exhibitors, Danish and International artists as well as gear professionals are headlining the show’s CLINICs, in which talks, sessions and demonstrations will give you an amazing insight into the world of guitars and basses.

This year, the line-up spans from Ida Nielsen, former Prince bassist, who will tell about her captivating experiences and demonstrate her incredible technique, over Greg Koch masterfully handling his six-string, to the well-known YouTubers Dan and Mick from That Pedal Show.


Guide to Copenhagen Guitar & Bass Show 2016


Do you have a genuine passion for guitars and basses, just like we do? – make sure you save the first weekend of October for a visit at the Copenhagen Guitar & Bass Show 2016. As a long time supporter and sponsor of the show, we will definitely be there.

If you don’t have more than a few hours to spend at the show, we recommend that you go for these 11 shops and luthiers. Check them out below and get a preview of their wonderful instruments prior to the show.


Martin´s Musik-Kiste – From Germany and run by Martin Hense

C.F. Martin HD35CFM IV 60th Anniversary

C.F. Martin HD35CFM IV 60th Anniversary

Rickenbacker 4003

Rickenbacker 4003 – 2016 – MapleGlo – Bass

Martin / D28 John Lennon / 2016

Martin / D28 John Lennon / 2016

Jam Gitarrer – from Gothenburg in Sweden.

Gibson ES-125 1963 Sunburst

Gibson / ES-125 / 1963 / Sunburst


Epiphone Epiphone / Texan FT79 / 1967 / Sunburst


Fender / Pro Amp / 1950 / Tweed

No.1 GuitarShop – from Gothenburg in Sweden.


Gibson / 335 / 1968 / Burgundy Mist


Gibson / Les Paul Custom / 1956 / Black


Santa Cruz / Tony Rice Pro / 1980’s

Euro Amp – from Denmark.


Benedetto / Carino 10 / 2016 / Black


Quilter / Steelaire Combo / 2016 / Black


Henriksen / The Bud / 2016 / Black

Carl Martin – from Denmark.


Carl Martin / Custom Shop 50 / 2010’s


Carl Martin / Echotone / 2010’s


Carl Martin / Bass Chorus / 2010’s

JJ Guitar – handbuilt guitars from Denmark.


Guild / X550 / 1958 / Natural


JJGuitars / JJ-Dreadnought – Made To Order / 2010’s


JJGuitars / JJ Custom – Made To Order / 2010

RozaWood – handbuilt guitars from Czechoslovakia


Rozawood / OCTAVE MANDOLIN OM-2 / 2012


Rozawood / GUITAR BOUZOUKI – Maple B&s / 2012


Rozawood / BELLISIMO BLUES – Bird’s Eye Maple & Bevel / 2015

Wood sound – fine guitar shop from Denmark


Gibson / ES335 / 1965 / Cherry


Fender / Telecaster / 1974 / Black


Bad Cat / Black Cat 30 2×12 Combo / 2010’s

Kehlet Guitars – handmade guitars from Denmark


Kehlet Guitars / Jakob Binzer Signature / 2014


Kehlet / Millenium™ 2000 – Made To Order / 2010’s


Kehlet / Folk Modern – Made To Order / 2010’s

Plektrum – guitars and drums shop from Denmark


Fender / Stratocaster / 1960’s / Dakota Red


Fender Vintage / Stratocaster / 1963 / Sonic Blue


Music Man / Stingray / 1980 / Brown Chestnut

Instrumentshoppen – guitarshop from Denmark


Gretsch / Chet Atkins Tennessean / 1967


Gibson / SG Les Paul / 1961


Fender / Telecaster Custom Shop Cunetto / 1996 / Butterscotch Blonde



Curious to see how the show unfolds? Get a video tour of the show in this video – a walkthrough we did at the show a few years ago. See more videos from the show on our V&R Youtube channel here.


Hope to see you at the show!