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Mint condition 1957 Gibson ES-175D at Yeahman´s Guitar Fest

At Yeahman´s Guitar Fest 2017 in Burgdorf / Switzerland we spotted a fantastic mint condition Gibson ES-175D with PAF pickups. It´s very rare to come across an iconic guitar as the ES-175D in this condition. Below you can see a demo by swiss guitarplayer – Baptiste Bouli Amstutz – while Michael Marti from Yeahman´s Guitars talks a little bit about it.

Please feel free to let us know in the comment field what you think.

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Misty Cave Analog Resonance Echo Lastgasp Art Laboratories V&R Demo

V&R demoing the Misty Cave Analog Resonance Echo from Lastgasp Art Laboratories. We found this pedal to be a very unique creation and have used it in various pedal setups. Please see the full demo below.

The “MISTY CAVE – analog resonance echo” (MC) is an effect pedal which creates a kind of reverb/echo.

Characterized by a sound of a space that is resonant to the pitches of the input signal.

It makes the sound of delay style oscillating feedback which decays naturally. This increases the playability of your instrument over other delay pedals. You can control which note oscillates using the D.TIME control.

There is the “CV PEDAL” jack to control the “D.TIME” with the expression pedal.

Stone Grey Distortion Mad Professor

Stone Grey Distortion Mad Professor Pedal Demo

The Finnish company Mad Professor are makers of high-end world class amplifiers and effects. We noticed Mad Professor around 2007 and has been following the company ever since. For this demo we teamed up with guitar player and gear reviewer – Simon Gotthelf. See Simon´s demo of the Stone Grey Distortion for V&R below. You can buy the Stone Grey Distortion here

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Red Repeat 2016 Edition Carl Martin

Red Repeat 2016 Edition Carl Martin Delay Pedal Demo

The new updated version of Carl Martin´s “Red Repeat” delay pedal has been released. This version is named Red Repeat 2016 Edition. The new version has 2 new cool features: Tap Tempo & Modulation.

This new version landed on our desk prior to the official release of the pedal. So we quickly headed into our demo studio and ran it for an ambient demo style test drive. See our full demo of the great sounding Red Repeat 2016 Edition below.

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Halkan´s Rock House Stevie Klasson The Great Scandinavian Guitar Show Stockholm

We sat down with Stevie Klasson from Halkan´s Rock House during The Great Scandinavian Guitar Show in Stockholm last weekend on the 29th & 30th Oct 2016 for a chat around guitars.

On this clip, Stevie, shows us some of the fine vintage guitars they brought to the show this year. A 1958 Fender Stratocaster, an old and rare 1967 Mosrite, a super rare 1965 Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe and finally a 1957 Gibson ES-175. See pictures of the guitars and from their booth on the show below the video.

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