Dream Sequence Hologram Electronics Demo by Vintage & Rare

Dream Sequence from Hologram Electronics

The Dream Sequence from Hologram Electronics landed on our desk a few months ago and the other day we took it out for proper test drive on our pedal board.

This pattern-based multi-effect pedal certainly is in a league of its own and is an endless source of inspiration for the creation of a wide variety of cool soundscapes. Like the name says, this little powerhouse combines a pattern sequencer with a bunch of effects geared towards spacey, pulsating sonic architectures with a rich, dreamlike quality and a distinctive synth-like feel.

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Boutique Guitar Showcase NAMM Show Vintage & Rare tour

Jamie Gale, curator of Boutique Guitar Showcase, presenting a few of the luthiers from BGS on NAMM Show 2018. In this video you will see instruments from world class instrument builders such as Di Donato Guitars, Ergon Guitars, Spalt Instruments, Noah Guitars, Frank Hartung Guitars, GNG Guitars, Kauer Guitars, Maegan Wells, Tausch Guitars, Sankey Guitars, Oni Guitars, iVee Guitars, Wide Sky Guitars, Lame Horse Instruments, McSwain Guitars

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1992 Marshall 6101LE 30th Anniversary combo

1992 Marshall 6101LE 30th Anniversary combo

We recently came across this rare and sought after 1992 Marshall 6101LE (Limited Edition) 30th Anniversary 1×12, 3 channel combo with the very rare gold brass chassis. In mint condition and serial #498 of only 500 built. Hand signed by Jim Marshall. EL34 Tubes and a 200 watt Celestion Gold speaker made specifically for this amp.


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1965 Fender Custom Telecaster Guitar Demo

We have always been huge fans of the Fender Custom Telecasters. We recently got our hands on an original L-series Pre-CBS 1965 Fender Custom Telecaster. On the clip below you can see and hear Klaus from V&R take a spin on it.

Demo gear: 1964 Selmer Zodiac Twin 50, DryBell Vibe Machine V-2, Mad Professor Big Tweedy Drive, Bixonic Expandora EXP-2000R, Strymon BigSky

Fender Custom Telecaster history. 

The Fender Custom telecaster is different from the Telecaster Custom in the way the it has other features. 2 different models.

In 1959 Fender came out with a new model – the Fender Custom Telecaster. If featured a double bound body. This year Fender also started to do slab-board fingerboards. Apart from the body binding there is no difference from a standard Telecaster. It´s all about the binding.


The Great Scandinavian Guitar Show Gallery 2017

Picture gallery from our visit to The Great Scandinavian Guitar Show in Fryshuset / Stockholm. This was the 21nd edition of the show. We had a splendid time and are already looking forward to go next year again.

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Dual Blue Delay Mad Professor demo by VandR

The new Dual Blue Delay from Mad Professor Amplification was recently launched. Last week it landed on our desk. We are big fans of dual delays and therefore we have been very excited to get our hands on one since it was announced. Well here it is. Check out the V&R demo below and please do not hesitate to let us know what you think in the comment section. The Dual Blue Delay can be purchased on V&R from Mad Professor here

Demo gear: Gibson Les Paul Standard CC#4 Sandy Twimble Overdrive Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer Reverb Strymon BigSky 1992 Marshall 6101LE 30th Anniversary Combo


Stolen Guitars from Musikhuset-Odense in Denmark.

Stolen Guitars from Musikhuset-Odense in Denmark.

On Sep 30th 2017 one of our trusted V&R sellers from Denmark, Musikhuset-Odense, had a total of 22 instruments stolen from their store.

Please see the full list and pics below. If you come across, hear or see anything related to this – please let us know by contacting us or Musikhuset-Odense:

Claus Vang
Lavsenvænget 11
5200 Odense V.
Telephone: +45 4016 5490

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Boutique Guitar Showcase Copenhagen 2017 Gallery

On the 15th of oct. 2017 Vintage & Rare hosted the Boutique Showcase in Copenhagen. The event was held in Vibe Factory Recording Studios with unique and fine handmade instruments on display from Di Donato Guitars, Donovan Leah Guitars, Ergon Guitars, James Trussart Guitars, Kauer Guitars, Klein Community, Marleaux BassGuitars, McSwain Guitars, MOVGuitars, Sankey Guitars, Spalt Instruments, Tausch Electric Guitars, Teye Guitars, Wild Customs, Deimel Guitarworks, Diego Vila Guitarras y, Bajos Custom, Turnstone Guitar Company, AC Guitars, Leo Guitars.

Hope to see you again next year when we roll out a new guitarshow in Copenhagen with unique and handmade guitars.

Below is a gallery of pictures from the show.

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The Boutique Guitar Showcase in Copenhagen

Boutique Guitar Showcase

On Sunday the 15th October, Vintage & Rare will host the Boutique Guitar Showcase in Copenhagen.

Jamie Gale has curated an incredible collection of unique hand crafted guitars from top makers around the globe and brought them on tour in the US and Europe.

If you’re in Copenhagen on Sunday, don’t miss the opportunity to see, try and acquire a one of a kind, boutique instruments on this one night event.

Get a sneak peak of some of the guitars below.

Free entrance!

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